DIY LED Exposure Unit: Putting it all together


Before constructing a metal box that’s more “permanent” I wanted to build a cheap wood box that the electronics could be mounted in for troubleshooting. I chose to use nice 1″x6″s for the frame and simply butted them up against each other and screwed them together with 2″ wood screws. Definitely drill pilot holes so you don’t split the end grain and end up with splinters everywhere. Also make sure the dimensions of your box are small enough that you can staple the coro-plast panel to the underside of it to make it a complete unit.

You can see in the main photo I chose to mount my power supply unit on the short side of my 24″x36″ box. Rather than run all the wires across the front I figured I would bring my mains line in right next to it and run my switch there too.

Here is my control panel I laser cut for all of the switches and timer:

The holes need to be drilled to mount it to what ever box it’s going to live in. For now I don’t have it installed because I’m doing more testing to finalize burn times. You’ll notice there’s a “SAFE” switch that hasn’t been mentioned in the previous wiring post. It goes to a couple of strips of yellow LEDs to check positive alignment on the screen. It’s a feature I felt I had to include even if I don’t plan on using it right away.:

Here are the plans for a sheet metal box built with .040″ 5052 aluminum sheet:

I have all the panels cut and edges finished but need to build a cheap sheet metal bend brake. I’ll update this post when I get a chance to upgrade the enclosure. (If anyone has access to a sheet metal shop in or near Maryland please let me know!)

This wraps it up for the build and in the next post/last post of the series I’ll be including testing times with different mesh counts and emulsions. I mostly work with 156-305 mesh and’s WBP and Cryocoat emulsion since it’s plastisol, water based and discharge safe.

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If you use any part of it all I ask for is credit. Modifications are great, but I take NO responsibility for any issues that come from mis-wiring or faulty components from where ever you source them.

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  1. Anabel says: Reply

    hi, that’s something I’ve wanted to try for so long. Hope you can share the exposure time soon so i wouldn’t have excuses to not make my own unit. Greets from Argentina.

  2. Jason says: Reply

    Can you provide links to where I can purchase the timer, power supply, LEDs etc.. ? 🙂 thanks!

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