DIY LED Exposure Unit: Sourcing the Parts (part 1)


Over the past few weeks I’ve been building an LED exposure unit that is on par with entry level units offered by a few of the big companies. Originally I wanted to go with fluorescent tubes, like most DIY builds, but with the cost of LEDs coming down I figured worst case I would waste $30 an be able to keep using the box I built.

If you use any part of it all I ask for is credit. Modifications are great, but I take NO responsibility for any issues that come from mis-wiring or faulty components from where ever you source them.

Parts list:

395nm LEDs (120/m) x 2

120v AC to 12V DC power supply (10 amps)

3528 LED connectors x however many strips you plan to use

Digital timer unit x 1

18 gauge speaker wire
16 gauge hook up wire
DPDT toggle switch that can handle 120V
Electrical outlet plug (can be cut from old electronic unit)
Coroplast large enough to fit your strips (depending on how close of spacing and screen dimensions)

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  1. Pedro says: Reply

    This is great!!! Can you post a link for every item tou bought?
    Greetings from Portugal, Azores Islands

  2. Pedro says: Reply

    Sorry did’t get the links on mobile :s great job

  3. Cody says: Reply

    I don’t see it listed but where did you get the yellow led strips? Will any yellow led be safe?

    1. Matt says: Reply

      I got some cheap ones from eBay. They were incorporated because they might be useful in the future and I haven’t had any real use for them since I have limited space and my exposure unit is on a shelf where I can’t see it from above.

      The emulsion is hardened by the 395nm wavelength put out from the UV LEDs so, technically, I think most colors would work. I decided on yellow because they’re more “traditional” looking and are easy to see through most emulsion colors.

  4. Jacob says: Reply

    Do you have a post on the wiring configurations?

    1. Matt says: Reply

      Yes! Part 2 in the series has a basic wiring diagram.

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