New 12/1


I missed a few weeks but here are some new things I did this week!


Sorry about the dog hair, he thought it was for him.

Applique was laser cut in house.


Big stickers are fun! This is when I realized I needed dehazer to be able to see imperfections in the stencils. Nazdar 2700 really stains the mesh even after using their screen wash.

DIY Hat platen v2

Drafted in Illustrator then acrylic was laser cut in house on a modified K40 laser. Once the templates were made they were double stick taped to some MDF I had laying around and put through the router with a pattern bit and assembled. The base is wider than I need it to be so it can (hopefully) fit a variety of presses. Testing is going great and I’m hoping to have more samples done in the next few weeks to send out to some shops for real world testing.

Water based ink with Warp drive from Ryonet. It didn’t migrate too bad on the polyester fronts but it’s a little noticeable if you’re looking for it super close up.

New toys and stuff to try out

New serger! I’m hoping to be able to create my own blank apparel, do some cut and sew alterations and work with sublimated fabrics. I’ve read their difficult to use but I’ve had a lot of time on my hands recently so I’m up for the challenge.

Environmentally “OK” dehazer.

New order of Taco patches coming in the next week or two. Check it out at Transient MFG.

I’ve gotten a ton of interest in my DIY LED exposure unit and, even though it isn’t a post yet, the stencils coming off of it are great! Everything screen printed in this post and the last post were done using the unit with a 20 second exposure time on Cryocoat emulsion.

Check out my other posts to see the process of printing some of the projects from this week.

Thanks for looking!

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