How to screen print foil


Recently I did a job that required gold foil and, since I had never done it before, I decided to add a quick how to.
This is how I print foil, I’m sure there are other ways that work just as good.

Gold Foil
Plastisol Foil Adhesive


156 mesh, 3mm off contact
Canvas 3001 100% cotton
Flood the screen
Push or pull, whichever you’re comfortable with.
Flash and print a second layer if you’re using a higher mesh screen
Flash cured ~10 seconds and stack them up. No need to immediately get the foil on, just make sure they aren’t still wet.
Roll out the gold foil and cut it to the required size. If you’re doing an oversized print it should be fine to use multiple sheets.
345F HIGH pressure for 12 seconds. This may be different depending on the heat press you use so make sure you try out a test shirt before doing a whole run.
Lay down foil to cover image
Once the press is up use a towel or shirt to wipe down the transfer for better adhesion. This foil is a COLD PEEL so let it cool down before you try to peel it up.
I stacked them up in front of a huge shop fan to speed the cooling process.
Peel it up and enjoy your prints! There will probably be flakes of the foil on the shirts (like glitter) but they’ll disappear in the first wash. If the heat press leaves marks you can throw them in the dryer on speed dry (or medium high heat for 15 minutes) to fluff them up and get rid of the lines.

Foil prints adds a new skill to offer to your customers and, because the process is more involved, let’s you charge a little more than a standard single color print. Once you learn to print foil you can even move on to adding it to multi color prints by using water based inks or adding foil resistive additives to regular plastisol.

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  1. Josh Stevens says: Reply

    Love reading your blog dude, I’m pretty new to all of this so learn as I go and this foil post is on topic as I’m giving this a go this week, I’m going to give your uv exposure unit a go also im an electrician by day so can source a lot of the parts fairly easily, keen to get some better exposure times

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