Updated DIY Hat Platen


A few weeks ago I posted about experimenting with building a hat platen after transfers were failing me. Here’s an updated on a new more versatile design that allows you to burn around 8 designs per 20″x24″ screen.


These were printed using a standard aluminum frame 200 mesh screen with water based ink and low cure additive. They were cured using a hair dryer on high heat and hung to thoroughly dry afterwards.

I’m in the final stages of making the production jigs to route/drill all of the parts out and fixing small things here and there. These should be up for sale this month for somewhere around $50 plus shipping and will probably be sold through a few of my online stores. The way these were designed they work best with 5 panel hats, especially foam front truckers, and aren’t meant to be used for multi color but may work depending on the design.

Questions, comments, concerns? Shoot me an email!


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  1. James says: Reply

    this is epic going to try it myself

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