21211 Stickers


I just finished up some stickers and wanted to share my process:

Lay them out with cut lines.

Print out the positive and tape it to a coated screen.

Burn it on my DIY LED exposure unit for 40 seconds in a vacuum bag.

Wash it out and let it dry out in the sun.

Lock it up on press, cut down some rolls of vinyl and start printing!

Send them over to the Graphtec to register the print to the cut lines.

Cut em out!

Stack them up and pop them out, stamp/print the backs if you want.

Go to your favorite liquor store and leave a stack at the community board for freebies. Also get pounders of Union Duckpin to drink while writing this article.

305 Mesh
Cryocoat emulsion
DIY LED exposure unit
Nazdar 2700
Greenstar roll vinyl
DIY Vacuum table
Graphtec cutter
Union Duckpin

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