• Updated DIY Hat Platen


    A few weeks ago I posted about experimenting with building a hat platen after transfers were failing me. Here’s an updated on a new more versatile design that allows you to burn around 8 designs per 20″x24″ screen. These were printed using a standard aluminum frame 200 mesh screen with water based ink and low […]

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  • How to screen print foil


    Recently I did a job that required gold foil and, since I had never done it before, I decided to add a quick how to. This is how I print foil, I’m sure there are other ways that work just as good. Materials Gold Foil Plastisol Foil Adhesive Process 156 mesh, 3mm off contact Canvas […]

  • Weekly Show Off
  • New 10/27


    I decided to switch from Imgur to my site’s blog page so I have everything in one place to show off my week. Here are some new things I did this week! Some patches to play with. Some mirror stickers. Some prism stickers for the same guy. Experimented with wrapping paper. Tested out my hat […]

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  • Sublimation Patches


    For the past couple of years iron on patches have become pretty big. Here’s how we make short run full color printed patches. It all starts with some white 100% polyester gabardine. Sublimation print the image on to the fabric and rough cut it out. Sublimation works best on 100% polyester so the fabric is […]

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  • DIY Hat Platen


    To purchase an updated version of this platen click here! I’ve been having issues using my home made transfers on my hat press so I decided to build a hat platen out of scrap I had lying around. TOTAL COST: $0 The issue. I don’t have an oven so I’ve been gelling my transfer with […]

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  • DIY LED Exposure Unit: Testing


    It’s finally time to show off the results…sort of. I’ve decided to keep this post continuously updated based on testing new emulsion, mesh counts, processes, etc. Since this is an LED exposure unit that’s optimized to actually expose the emulsion rather than throw a bunch of light at it the burn times are very short […]